IBA conferences and events

Private Equity Transactions Symposium

London, England, 15 Nov 2018

UKELG Quiz Night

Hogan Lovells, London, England, 15 Nov 2018

Building the Law Firm of the Future

London, England, 15-16 Nov 2018


Tips for Effective Client Engagement

Webinar, 20 Nov 2018, 1300 GMT

European Start Up Conference

Berlin, Germany, 22 Nov 2018

8th IBA French Italian Day

Paris, France, 23 Nov 2018


The New Era of Taxation

Vienna, Austria, 29-30 Nov 2018

African Regional Conference on the Environment

Cape Town, South Africa, 28-30 Nov 2018


12th Annual Law Firm Management Conference

Moscow, Russian Federation, 7 Dec 2018


4th Silicon Beach Conference

California, USA, 18-19 Feb 2019

22nd Annual International Arbitration Day

Montreal, Canada, 14-15 Mar 2019

RMMLF/IBA International Mining and Oil & Gas Law

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 10-12 Apr 2019

The Next Big Questions for International Criminal Justice

The Hague, the Netherlands, 13 Apr 2019

IBA Annual Litigation Forum

Berlin, Germany, 8-10 May 2019

22nd Annual IBA Transnational Crime Conference

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 15-17 May 2019

5th IBA Global Entrepreneurship Conference

Copenhagen, Denmark, 20-21 May 2019

14th Annual Bar Leaders Conference

Budapest, Hungary, 22-23 May 2019

Mid-Year Meetings 2019

Budapest, Hungary, 22-25 May 2019

7th Annual World Life Sciences Conference

Philadelphia, USA, 31 May-1 June 2019

2nd European Fashion and Luxury Conference

London, England, 13 Jun 2019


23rd Annual Competition Conference

Florence, Italy, 6-7 Sep 2019


IBA Annual Conference 2019

Seoul, South Korea, 22-27 Sep 2019

9th Biennial Global Immigration Conference

London, England, 30 Oct-1 Nov 2019

IBA Latin American Entrepreneurship Conference

São Paulo, Brazil, 7-8 Nov 2019


IBA Annual Conference 2020

Miami, USA, 1-6 Nov 2020