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Seizing the moment

2020 was meant to be a red-letter year for addressing the climate crisis, with governments expected to set ambitious emission reduction goals as part of the Paris Agreement. Covid-19 has shuttered economies, bringing visible reductions in pollution and raising hopes of emerging into a cleaner future.

Released on Aug 12, 2020

Time’s up for fossil fuel funding

The carbon divestment movement has forced serious consideration of the rights and wrongs of financing fossil fuel. But, with demand for energy still rising, the answers are far from simple.

Released on Apr 9, 2020

The climate emergency and global security

A long-running dispute between Canada and the United States over sovereignty of the Northwest Passage is one of numerous tensions being heightened by the climate crisis. Global Insight explains how international law can help mitigate the risks.

Released on Feb 13, 2020

The SDGs: investing in the future

Business and investors need to play a huge role in financing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals over the next decade but, three years into the journey, progress is proving slow. Global Insight explores the challenges facing companies and legal practitioners in closing the gap between ambition and action.

Released on Feb 12, 2019

Time for an International Court for the Environment

As the climate crisis deepens, there remains a troubling lack of international consensus on practical and legal responses. Global Insight highlights the pressing need for international law to stand up for the planet.

David Miliband, International Rescue Committee CEO

The 2019 Stockholm Human Rights Award winners were David Miliband and the International Rescue Committee, the organisation he leads. In conversation with IBA Executive Director, Mark Ellis, Miliband spoke about migration, the climate crisis and the need for passion, as well as reason, in confronting populism.

City limits: the quest for carbon neutrality

With governments around the world committed to achieving carbon-neutral status by 2050, Global Insight assesses the role our cities have to play in getting them there.

The climate crisis: turning the tide

IBA Global Insight Aug/Sept 2019: Scientific evidence has established beyond doubt that climate change needs to be addressed, and urgently. Global Insight assesses how civil society and strategic litigation are forcing corporations and governments to take long overdue action

Bringing the Paris Agreement to life

The latest UN climate change talks in Katowice – Europe’s ‘capital of coal’ – sought to finalise the rulebook for implementing the 2015 Paris Agreement. But, while the December talks made a breakthrough on transparency and reporting on action to tackle global warming, measures to engage markets and business proved a stumbling block.

A tipping point for climate change

Doom-laden concerns over recent wildfires, heatwaves and floods contrast with the optimism following the Paris Agreement just three years ago. Global Insight speaks to the leaders of the fight for environmental justice to find out what should happen next. With Mary Robinson, John Cruden and James Thornton.

The blue economy

IBA Global Insight Aug/Sept 2018. Commercial mining of the ocean floor is taking off at scale. Global Insight explores the legal and environmental issues of a new industry that could transform developing nations.

Scott Pruitt versus the Environmental Protection Agency

IBA Global Insight, June/July 2018 - President Trump’s environmental chief appears to be battling his own agency. Global Insight assesses an internal struggle at the EPA that could have dire consequences for the fight against climate change.

John Cruden - IBA Annual Conference 2017

IBA Global Insight December 2017/January 2018: One of the world’s foremost environmental lawyers, John Cruden was, until recently, the US Assistant Attorney General overseeing environmental enforcement. In conversation with the IBA’s Director of Content, James Lewis, Cruden shares the insight gained from two major enforcement actions, one against Volkswagen following the emissions scandal and the other following the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Michael Froman - IBA Annual Conference 2017

IBA Global Insight December 2017/January 2018: Michael Froman served as US Trade Representative from 2013–2017 under President Barack Obama and is also former Deputy National Security Advisor for International Economic Affairs. In conversation with the IBA’s Director of Content, James Lewis, Froman outlines just how damaging President Trump’s withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership could be, and what it means for the Asia Pacific region, given the rising power of China.

Sitao Xu - IBA Annual Conference 2017

IBA Global Insight December 2017/January 2018: As Chief Economist of Deloitte in China, he has strong views on the likely future direction of the world’s second-largest economy. In conversation with the IBA’s Director of Content, James Lewis, Sitao Xu discusses the potential impact of major developments such as Made in China 2025 and the Belt and Road Initiative.

Fully charged: who stands to gain from the clean revolution?

IBA Global Insight October/November 2017: Governments, manufacturers and consumers are moving towards electric vehicles – a significant shift away from fossil fuel. Global Insight assesses who will benefit and who could put on the brakes.

Power to Africa

IBA Global Insight, June/July 2016. Three-quarters of Sub-Saharan Africa still has no access to electricity, but with renewables enabling power to be transmitted to the remotest of communities, could the clean energy sector hold the answer to Africa’s power needs? Global Insight investigates.

VW: the long road back

IBA Global Insight, June/July 2016. One by one, car giants have been drawn into a global emissions scandal. Global Insight goes back to the beginning as Volkswagen faces an uncertain future and a major reputational repair. Its handling of the crisis will offer valuable lessons for multinational businesses.

China's war on pollution

IBA Global Insight April/May 2016 - China’s new environmental protection law, in force for just over a year, is helping in the country’s fight against pollution. It also highlights problems in environmental law elsewhere in the world, and how they may be resolved.

People power - climate change

IBA Global Insight April/May 2016 - With the Paris Agreement on climate change relying on governments voluntarily taking measures to cut emissions, there’s a growing body of opinion that it could lead to increased citizen action – and litigation for inaction.

UN climate talks: Paris is just the start

IBA Global Insight - February/March 2016. The universal and legally binding deal struck at the recent Paris talks is a crucial breakthrough in the fight against climate change. Work must move ahead quickly to ensure the agreement delivers on its environmental promise.