The accelerated future and the post-covid workplace

14 Sep 2021 Virtual Conference, Online, England

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A virtual conference presented by the IBA Employment and Industrial Relations Committee


This half day virtual conference will cover three sessions on the following topics:

  • Managing the hybrid workplace 
    • What adaptive measures will employers need to take to evaluate, discipline, reward and mentor workers who continue to work from home following Covid?
    • What are the legal implications? 
    • What HR policies will need to be revised to account for the fact that some jobs will be conducted from home and others from the office? 
  • Mandatory testing and vaccination
    • Is the refusal to vaccinate a workplace health and safety challenge?
    • How do employers avoid discrimination because of gender, disability or religion?
    • What are the reasons for/against vaccination?
    • Under what circumstances can a vaccination be imposed as a condition of employment? 
    • How should employers deal with an employee who refuses?
  • Working from anywhere
    • Does the increased frequency of labour mobility raise new employment, immigration, and tax issues?
    • How can these be addressed?
    • Who will decide the working place of the future?
    • Can employees refuse to work at the office?