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Remote healthcare: how to better take care of patients throughout the whole healthcare pathway

8 Jun 2021 1600 - 1700 BST

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A webinar presented by the IBA Healthcare and Life Sciences Law Committee and supported by the European Regional Forum


The healthcare industry has now entered the era of digital innovation and the Covid-19 pandemic has given a boost to several digital transformation initiatives.

Thanks to technology, patients can get better and faster treatment with virtual reality tools, wearable medical devices, telehealth, and mobile technology. Doctors, on the other hand, can streamline their workflows using artificial intelligence-powered systems and predictive analysis can help them  and healthcare companies develop healthy lifestyle recommendations for their patients. Among this digital presence, human presence remains key.

Beyond an overview of the most frequent legal stakes relating to the remote supply of healthcare to patients, this webinar will aim at enhancing successful business practices through a DO’s & DON’TS approach: from online sales to home delivery of medicines and medical devices via apps and other digital tools, thanks also to the generalized use of e-prescriptions; from the implementation of telemedicine, that becomes more and more integrated in national healthcare services, to the creation of programs that support patients remotely and increase their engagement through digital channels.

Experts from the European healthcare industry will share their experiences and discuss with us future perspectives of development.



  • Antonia Verna, Portolano Cavallo, Rome; Vice Chair, IBA Diversity and Inclusion Group, European Regional Forum


  • Dr Carlo Conti, Chairman, SWICA, Basel Mercedes Damian, General Counsel, Hexpress Healthcare, London
  • Dr Andreas Gattiker, Board Member, Visana, Bern
  • Pr. Thomas Krech, Physician and CEO and CMO, MiSANTO, Frauenfeld
  • Laurent Vandebrouck, CEO, Chronolife, Paris


  • Dr Oliver Kunzler, Wenger Plattner, Kusnacht; Vice Chair, IBA Communications Group, European Regional Forum
  • Cécile Théard-Jallu, De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés, Paris; Vice Chair, IBA Healthcare and Life Sciences Law Committee


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