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International Construction Projects Committee

The International Construction Projects (ICP) Committee are pleased to provide our members with the opportunity to exchange and benefit from their combined knowledge and experience, gained from construction projects around the world. All aspects and types of construction and engineering projects are covered, from traditional building and civil engineering contracts to state-of-the-art project finance infrastructure projects from their inception to their completion, including claims, their management and different types of settlement.

About the Committee

The ICP Committee is for lawyers interested in construction law and in exchanging experiences from construction projects around the world. All aspects and types of construction and engineering projects are dealt with, from traditional building and civil engineering contracts to state-of-the art project finance infrastructure projects. The Committee has something to offer both those active on their domestic market as well as those involved in overseas projects.

Together, our members constitute a vast source of experience in contentious and non-contentious construction contract issues from all parts of the world. The Committee meets annually at the main IBA Annual Conference and every other year at a special International Construction Projects Committee Retreat that offers an opportunity to get to know other members better and to plan for future activities.

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Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in construction - country guides

The committee has prepared a country-by-country guide to ADR in construction. The aim of this project is to examine alternative dispute resolution methods in construction projects throughout the world. Further countries will be added in due course. Find out more/access the ADR in construction guides

Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law

Published quarterly, the Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law (JERL) is the journal of the SEERIL. Featuring contributions written by some of the finest academic minds and most successful practitioners in this area of study, JERL is a highly respected journal committed to reflecting contemporary issues that face the energy and natural resources sectors.

Construction Law International

Published quarterly, Construction Law International (CLInt) is the ICP's magazine and is sent to all members of the Committee as part of their membership package. The magazine's current Managing Editor is Thomas Denehy, Senior Associate at Corrs Chambers Westgarth.

CLInt is a thought-provoking magazine with a balance of substantive and practical articles and news that anyone involved in the international construction industry will wish to receive. In addition to feature articles, each issue includes updates from around the world, case updates and regular columns from experts around the globe.

CLInt Editorial Board: Thomas Denehy, Chair of the Editorial Board; China Irwin, ICP Committee Editor; Thayananthan Baskaran, ICP Deputy Committee Editor; Donald Charrett, Phillip Greenham and Gordon Jaynes (senior editors); Katherine Bell; Thaís Fernandes Chebatt; Nnenna Eze; Jacob Henriquez; Sung Hyun Hwang; Jinlin Nan; Ngo-Martins Okonmah.

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Subcommittees and other groups

The International Construction Projects Committee also coordinates the activities of the following subcommittees/working groups.

  • Dispute Resolution Subcommittee

    The Dispute Resolution Subcommittee focuses on the mechanisms to prevent and resolve disputes arising in connection with international construction projects. Specifically, the group draws from the experience of their distinguished members from many jurisdictions around the world to learn what is working and what is not in preventing and solving disputes.

  • Project Establishment Subcommittee

    The Project Establishment Subcommittee focuses on the period prior to contract closing. The Subcommittee reviews the contract forms used by engineers, architects, owners and contractors within different jurisdictions, focusing mainly on the various FIDIC forms as being an international standard form. Different contractual concepts/schemes, such as PPP, also fall within their scope of work, as do the regulatory aspects of construction (building regulations, etc), public procurement rules and issues of bribery as they relate to construction contracting.

  • Project Execution Subcommittee

    The Project Execution Subcommittee focuses on the performance, administration, payment, scheduling (programming), and completion of a construction project, in particular as impacted by variations (changes), delays, disruption, suspension, force majeure, acceleration, laws, regulations, exchange rates, and sovereign acts.

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